Why Do Wasps Become Aggressive?

Wasps have a nasty reputation. These pests are notorious for stinging people. In fact, most of us have been stung by a wasp at one time or another. But why are these pests so angry? If you’re wondering this, then here are some of the reasons why wasps become aggressive.

wasps become aggressive

Wasps become aggressive in nature and in the garden 

The main reason why wasps become aggressive is because you’ve entered their territory. These pests are highly, highly territorial. Wasps have two main purposes. Finding food and defending their nest. Anyone who comes into their territory may be perceived as a threat. This is why you should leave a wasps’ nest alone.

If this happens, then these pests could attack you. This is also the reason why people are sometimes stung “randomly” when out in nature. It’s because there’s a wasps’ nest in the area and you didn’t know this.

Another reason why wasps become aggressive is because of food, especially as we approach autumn and wasps are dangerous in summer. The smell of food will attract them. This includes sweet things and meat.


If you’re standing by a barbecue, then you might smell of meat. In this case, wasps could attack you as well. They are known to hate the colour red. If you are wearing this colour, then there’s a small chance that they might attack you.

What happens if you try to kill a wasp?

Wasp drones will also attack if you start killing or squashing them. These wasps become aggressive because of a chemical in their body. This chemical is released when a wasp is crushed. When this happens, other wasps are alerted. They swarm into the area and begin attacking.

wasp fruit

The same thing happens if you’re stung. A wasp’s sting contains pheromones that attract other wasps. The purpose of this sting is to bring other wasps into the area. This way large prey can be taken down more easily. These pheromones are also the reason why wasps can follow you over long distances. And why you should never attempt DIY wasp nest removal.

The bottom line is that wasps are highly aggressive. This is why it’s so important that you never approach a wasps’ nest. You need to stay as far away as possible. Anytime that you get near to the nest, you’re putting yourself at risk of being stung. This is also why you should never interfere with their nest either. It’s always best to leave pest control to a professional. This way you avoid the risk of being stung.

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