What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods?

One of the biggest drawbacks of pest control is that it’s inherently destructive. This is a business where the goal is to destroy all pests. A lot of the time this means using large amounts of chemicals such as pesticides. It also means having to kill creatures such as rats and mice (which are, after all, animals).

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At the end of the day, this can cause enormous amounts of destruction to the environment. But is there a better way? The answer is yes, there are actually dozens of eco-friendly pest control methods.

Effective and eco-friendly pest control method 

When destroying pests, it isn’t always necessary to use large doses of environmentally damaging pesticides. There are many alternatives. One of these alternatives is something known as heat treatments which are sometimes chosen over pesticides.

Heat treatments and humane methods

Heat treatments are a pest control method where no absolutely no poisons are present. Instead of using deadly chemicals to kill pests, a super-heated vapour is dispersed around the area. No pest can survive extreme temperatures, no matter how hardy they may be. What that means is that the vapour kills all pests, including their eggs and larvae. The biggest advantage of this method being that it is 100% safe for the environment.

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When it comes to killing pests you also have alternatives such as humane traps or pigeon scaring devices. Most bait traps, such as the ones used for rodents, are designed to kill the animal. These traps capture the rodents and then poison it. But there are also traps which simply capture the animal, and allow it to be released somewhere far away.

Ultimately, it’s your choice. If you do not want to harm the environment, then choose eco-friendly pest control methods. If you’re not concerned then you can go the traditional route of pesticides and poisons. Just remember that as with everything, making the right choice has its advantages.

What should I choose?

For example, using eco-friendly pest control methods is far safer for you. They mean that you do not have to have large amounts of deadly chemicals sprayed about your home. Or bear the responsibility of killing innocent animals.

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We also prefer to use these methods because they are often far more effective. This is especially true in the case of heat treatments. What’s more, these methods also help to protect the health of our employees, by limiting their exposure to pesticides.


The bottom line is that destroying pests does not mean you need to destroy the environment. If you’re someone who cares about nature, then you’ll want to choose a pest control company which uses these methods. We are that company!  Call us today for more information about eco-friendly pest control methods.

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