Pest Control Scams And How To Spot Them

Unfortunately, the pest control industry is rife with scam artists. These people prey upon the desperation of homeowners. They know that people will do anything to get rid of pests. This allows the scammers to swoop in and take advantage. But what should you know about pest control scams and how do you spot scam artists? Here are some tips and hints for doing this:

pest scams

The most common signs of pest control scams

1. People who knock on doors unannounced

Legitimate pest control companies don’t go door-to-door looking for business. Random people knocking on your door means you’re probably dealing with scam artists. These people usually claim that nearby houses are infested and that they want to offer you a “free inspection.” Be careful in these kinds of scenarios and don’t let them in. Something you can also do is ask who they are specifically helping. This will trip the scam artist up, because they may not know the names of your neighbours.

2. Companies who don’t have online presence

All reputable professional pest control companies have websites, and also appear on sites such as Trustpilot, Yell and Checkatrade. You should be able to find reviews online. Look at their website and check them on other websites that mention them.

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3. People who won’t show licenses

Scammers rarely have things like qualifications, licenses, insurance etc. If the person won’t show these, or makes excuses, then be careful. Also, if they won’t show ID, then you’re probably dealing with people running pest control scams and may not have DBS checks.

4. People who don’t provide quotes or agree to a price

Scam artists often make up prices on the spot and won’t carry out a pest inspection. This is usually based on what they think they can get out of you. These people will also increase the price later. There’s usually some type of pressure of coercion involved. This is why you should always get a quote and agree to a price before the work begins.

5. People who ask funny questions

People running pest control scams may ask very strange questions. This could be something like “do you live alone?” or “do you have an aggressive dog?”. They may also ask if you “keep money in the house”. People who ask these types of questions may intend to rob you.


6. People without uniforms, branding, or equipment

People from reputable pest control companies wear uniforms. They have branded vans and stationery. They have equipment. If a random person shows up without a uniform, or any type of branding, then watch out. Be even more careful if they show up in a regular car, or without any equipment. These people are probably running pest control scams in the neighbourhood.

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