If Cockroaches Have Wings, Why Don’t They Fly?

You’ve probably noticed that cockroaches have wings. What you may also have noticed is that these pests never fly. Think about it, have you ever seen a flying cockroach? But why is this?

cockroaches have wings

Cockroaches have wings so do they ever fly? 

A cockroach’s body is made up of several parts. These include the head, thorax and abdomen. Along with this, they have two large antenna and two pairs of wings. Something else to note is that only one pair of these wings can flap. The outer pair is used as a protective covering. When a cockroach is preparing to fly, these outer wings lift up. This exposes the inner wings and allows them to move freely around places like our basements.

But even though cockroaches have wings, they very rarely use them. You’d think that it would be the opposite. After all, these pests are known for their ability to escape and survive. It seems as if wings would be extremely useful in doing this. When threatened, the cockroach could simply fly away.

cockroaches on bread

Why don’t cockroaches use their wings to fly?

But according to scientists, there is a good reason for this. It’s simply because cockroaches are too big to fly. The size of their body is far larger compared to the size of their wings. This makes flying extremely difficult. It also makes it difficult to fly long distances and control the direction they are going in. So, while cockroaches have wings that you might notice when you see one cockroach, they are not very useful. This is basically why they prefer to run and crawl.

That being said, this is not always the case. The truth is that in certain rare cases, cockroaches may actually use their wings. This sometimes happens if the cockroach is trapped in a high place. In this case, they use their wings as a glider to get down. Basically, the cockroach will fall off the high place, and use its wings to slow down and break the fall.

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What we should also mention is that cockroaches have three sets of legs. Their back legs are extremely powerful, and cockroaches can actually use these to jump. These are sometimes used in combination with their wings. This allows them to flutter short distances but is not the same as flying.

If you see cockroaches doing this, do not be alarmed (but try to avoid getting cockroaches in the first place). It just means that the cockroach is trying desperately to get away from you. These pests are not going to take into the air. The bottom line is that, while cockroaches have wings, they cannot use them to fly. This is simply because their bodies are too large for flight. The size of their bodies also makes it difficult to stay in the air and remain in one direction.

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