Does Freezing Clothes Kill Moth Larvae?

What can homeowners do about moth attacks? First of all, don’t panic. You see, there are simple and easy ways to kill moth larvae. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll have this problem sorted in no time.

freezer for killing moths

Kill moth larvae with this simple trick 

As you probably know, moth larvae are the ones who eat your clothes, not adult moths. This means that to save your clothing, you have to kill moth larvae. You can easily do this by placing your clothing in the freezer. This method is used especially for clothing that cannot be washed on a hot wash. Washing clothes above 60 degrees centigrade will kill moth larvae that have been attracted to clothing, but some items of clothing may be ruined by doing this. Don’t worry, there is an alternative.

Freeze your clothes! Believe it or not, this actually works. The reason why is because most animals, plants, bugs etc. cannot withstand extremes of temperature. Whether it’s too hot, or too cold, these things tend to die. So, this means that placing clothing in the freezer is one of the best ways to kill moth larvae.

How do I ensure moth larvae are gone for good?

If you’re wondering about the specifics here they are. To start with, you’ll need heavy-duty freezer bags. The best brand is Ziploc. These seal tightly and are strong enough to protect your clothes. Do not use ordinary carrier bags as these are not strong enough.


You can then place infected clothing that have fallen victim to these common autumn pests into these bags and put it in the freezer. It takes a while to kill moth larvae with cold, so leave these bags in for at least two weeks. Also note that your freezer should be at a certain temperature. How cold should it be? Make sure your fridge is running at – 18°C.

Once this is done, do not pack your clothing back into the cupboard. There’s a good chance that your cupboards and drawers are still infested with larvae and you want to prevent clothes moth damage as much as possible. What you’ll want to do is clean them out, vacuum, and scrub the insides of your cupboards and drawers with warm water. Make sure to do this in every inch of the cupboard, not just the obvious places.


Next, pack all clothing into plastic containers, or plastic clothing bags. These can then be stored in cupboards. Also, you can place moth balls in your cupboards or drawers.  Do all this, and you’ll never have problems with moths again. That being said, it’s still important to routinely inspect your cupboards. Pests breed when no one’s paying attention, so check your cupboards as often as possible.  Something else you may want to do is place pheromone traps in your cupboards. These traps are designed to kill adult moths and prevent them from breeding. Installing these traps will be a big help in keeping your home moth free.

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