Do Treatments Kill Maggots As Well As Flies?

Flies are an enormous problem for many restaurants. They can destroy the ambiance, contaminate food, and also make people ill. This is why many restaurants get regular treatments for these pests. But do these treatments also kill maggots?

kill maggots

Do you need to kill maggots?

This is an important question. Maggots eventually turn into flies, so it makes sense that you’d want to combat flies and maggots as well. In fact, you’ll want to concentrate on killing maggots as opposed to flies. This is simply because maggots crawl on the ground or crawl in rubbish. This makes them extremely vulnerable and easier to kill.

With maggots, time is also on your side. They take around 10 days to turn into flies. This gives you a window of opportunity. To put it simply, you should kill maggots the second you see them. If you do this, you will not have to deal with the flies.

food rubbish

Another reason why you want to kill maggots quickly is because they attract other pests. If maggots are on the ground or easily accessible, pests like ants and cockroaches will come out to feed on them.  Even birds, like pigeons, are attracted to maggots.

Can treatments kill maggots?

The good news is that maggots can be got rid of. We choose the best pest control treatment to get rid of maggots to suit your situation. You don’t need to wait until they turn into flies and start flying around and then you have to figure out how to repel flies.


That being said, this only happens if you continue to maintain your kitchen. For example, you get maggots because of rotting food. Flies can only lay their eggs in food that is partly decomposed. This is because maggots and flies feed on food that is in a liquefied state.

That also means that throwing out food waste is the simplest way to prevent maggots as well as cleaning your home. Do not let your rubbish sit for any amount of time. If you let it sit around too long, you’re almost guaranteed to get maggots. Also, it’s important that your bins have a lid that seals tightly. This prevents flies from getting in and laying their eggs.


Something else you’ll also want to do is wash out your bins. This is important because food debris accumulates at the bottom of bins. This happens because rubbish bags leak and also split open. The accumulated debris eventually attracts flies that lay eggs. This is why you often find maggots are the bottom of bins. To prevent this wash your bins as often as possible.

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