Are There Insects In Your Christmas Tree?

real tree

Are there insects in your Christmas tree? Believe it or not this happens more often than people think. The presence of these pests can ruin Christmas Day, so here’s what you need to know about this issue.

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Options For Treating Household Insects


There’s nothing worse than living in a house which is infested with insects. These pests can ruin your peace of mind and make your home seriously uncomfortable to stay in. But what can you do about household pests like cockroaches, flies or bed bugs? Believe it or not, most of these vermin are actually quite easy to get rid of. For example, here are a number of options for exterminating these pests. 

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Green Pest Control Options To Consider

green pest control

Many people who are environmentally aware are also adamantly against pest control. These people understand that pest control involves highly dangerous chemicals which are harmful to the environment. But what if you’re one of these people and you have a pest control issue? Fortunately for you there are actually a wide variety of green pest control options.

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Why Mice Come Indoors When It Gets Cold

mice like warm indoors

Do mice come indoors once it starts getting colder? Yes, mice often enter homes once winter arrives. In fact, these animals are more prevalent during the cooler months. There are several reasons for this.

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Can You Get Pest Problems In Offices?

pest problems in offices

Pest problems in offices are more common than you think. This is hard for many people to believe. After all, offices are generally seen as sterile environments. They’re not the type of places where you expect to see rats or cockroaches running around. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

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What Are Clothes Moths Attracted To?

clothing moth

Moths can cause significant distress. If these pests get into your cupboards they can potentially ruin your entire wardrobe. They can also wreak havoc in businesses that sell clothes and damage goods in storage facilities. But what are clothes moths actually attracted to and how can you prevent them from multiplying?

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How Bed Bugs Get In Your Home

how bed bugs get in your home

Bed bugs are a major problem in the UK. In fact, recent statistics claim that as many as 25% of homes are infested with these bugs. Anyone who has dealt with these bugs will know how detrimental they can be to your comfort. Not only that, bed bugs can also have a serious effect on your peace of mind and even your mental health. But how do bed bugs get in your home and what can you do about them?

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Why We DBS Check Our Technicians

CRB checked pest controllers

One of the most important things when hiring a pest company is safety. Not only should the technicians safely remove the pests, but you should be confident about the people who come into your home. So, how do we ensure that we employ only the most suitable staff?

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How To Prevent Bed Bugs On Holiday

prevent bed bugs

Going on holiday is by far the most common cause of bed bugs. Even if you stay at the swankiest establishment, it’s still possible to pick up these pests. So, what can holiday makers do to stop this? How can you prevent bed bugs from coming home with you? 

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Pest Control For Commercial Kitchens

kitchen setup

A great many of our clients are residential homeowners. But the majority of our work is pest control for commercial kitchen. If you’re the owner of a restaurant, café, or take away, then you probably already know how important this is. In case you don’t, then here is a short primer on this subject and what you need to understand.

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